Save Time & Money at the Dentist (and Get Better Results!) with High-Tech Dentistry

If you’ve browsed through the Green Dentistry site, you’ve probably heard us talk about high-tech dentistry a lot. You may be wondering, “Why is high-tech dentistry so important?”

Besides the obvious benefit of receiving the latest, cutting-edge dental treatments, there are 3 other compelling advantages to receiving high-tech dental care:

  1. Saved time
  2. Saved money
  3. Better results

In today’s post, we’re going to dive a little deeper into these benefits. Our goal is to help you understand why you should never settle for less than a high-tech dentist in San Francisco — especially when it comes to receiving advanced and restorative dental work.

How high-tech dentistry saves you time


High tech dental treatments and techniques allow for…

  • More efficient appointments
  • Fewer follow-up visits
  • Faster healing
  • Less time spent in the dental chair

Faster and fewer appointments

Thanks to our spa-like environment and comforting amenities, patients love coming to our dentist office. Even so, we realize you live a busy life here in The City and you’d probably rather not spend more time at the dentist than necessary.

Thankfully, high-tech dentistry keeps your time at the dentist short and sweet.

Take high-tech dental crowns. The traditional method for molding a crown is long and tedious, taking at least two appointments spread out over several weeks. While you wait, you’re stuck with an inconvenient temporary crown.

However, thanks to advanced 3D imaging technology and the high-tech CEREC system, you can have a durable, natural-looking, and high-quality crown in just one visit.

It’s amazing how fast and simple it makes a procedure that used to be long and drawn out.

Faster healing

Not only do high-tech dental treatments allow for quicker appointments, they help you feel better faster, too. In fact, some high-tech treatments reduce the need for anesthesia altogether and cause less bleeding and swelling than traditional methods.

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation (PGR) therapy, for example, is a high-tech treatment for reversing gum recession. While many surgical gum recession treatments require days or even weeks to heal, healing time with PGR is often under 24-hours. Most people need little more than an aspirin or ibuprofen to manage post-treatment discomfort.

How high-tech dentistry saves you money


High tech dental treatments and techniques allow for…

  • Prevent large, expensive dental problems in the first place
  • Use safer and more durable materials, which means no negative domino effect on other areas of your health
  • Produce longer-lasting results (fewer follow-up treatments)

Prevents problems before they start

Prevention is vital to maintaining excellent dental health – that means adopting good dental habits at home and visiting the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and exam.

But there are other preventive steps you can take. For instance, choosing a dentist who has the modern equipment and technology needed to detect issues early before they become large, expensive problems..

If you want to truly prevent problems, a visual examination just isn’t enough. Here at Green Dentistry, technology like 3D imaging allows us to detect issues like tooth decay before they become a larger, more expensive problem to correct.

Safer, biocompatible materials

The materials used to restore damaged teeth have evolved by leaps and bounds. Traditional treatments may solve the problem up front, but beneath the surface there could be other expensive (and devastating) health issues.

Take fillings as an example. For years, the go-to material used was silver amalgam, a substance containing mercury. Mercury has long been known as a toxic element that can poison your body. Mercury poisoning can lead to health issues that take years of expensive medical care to resolve.

That’s all in the past now (though unfortunately, many dentists still use these old-school methods). Today, high-tech biocompatible filling options (like composites) are much healthier. They’ll restore your dental health without causing additional costly medical problems.

Longer-lasting (fewer expensive repairs)

If you’ve ever visited the dentist for a worn down filling or broken crown, then you know how frustrating it can be to pay even more for a treatment you thought was already resolved.

Yes, accidents happen, but you shouldn’t have to spend lots of money regularly fixing and redoing dental procedures. Thankfully, high-tech dentistry creates much more durable solutions.

In recent years, dental researchers have focused on ensuring that dental restoration treatments are not only safe, but built to withstand the impact of chewing and the daily wear and tear of life.

Today, with proper care, high-tech dental treatments like crowns and implants can last for decades.

How high-tech dentistry gives you the best results


High tech dental treatments and techniques allow for…

  • A better understanding of how to properly care for teeth in the future
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Better dental health & a more beautiful smile

Better patient education

At Green Dentistry, we always take the time to help you understand not only the problem at hand, but why it’s important to fix it, and how you can prevent the issue from happening again.

We believe that the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to properly care for your teeth in the future. You’ll also feel much more comfortable and confident in the care you’re receiving.

Consider these two scenarios below — which do you prefer?

  1. Your dentist tells you your tooth root is affected by decay and needs a root canal.
  2. Your dentist shows you a crystal clear X-ray image of your infected tooth root. They then explain exactly what you’re seeing, helping you understand why your tooth would benefit from a root canal, and why it’s important to prevent this from happening to any other teeth.

We’re guessing you’d choose the second option. High-tech dentistry makes that possible.

Less discomfort

Modern-day dental technology is focused on causing the least amount of trauma on your mouth and body. This is good for many reasons, but the one you’ll probably care about the most is comfort.

Minimally-invasive techniques result in less pain and discomfort than with conventional techniques.

For instance, you don’t need to put yourself through risky gum disease surgical procedures of the past. Laser dentistry is a game changer. Instead of the traditional treatment, which involves cutting into the gums to access deep pockets and perform plaque removal, advancements in laser dentistry heal and stop gum disease without painful needles.

Laser therapy not only protects any healthy gum tissue you have left, it also promote gum healing.

Beautiful & healthy outcomes

When you’re suffering from a dental problem that affects not only your health but also your appearance, you shouldn’t have to choose between your health or your smile. The good news is you don’t have to.

High-tech dentistry allows you to achieve both healthier teeth and a more beautiful smile.

From natural-looking restorations that perfectly match the shade of your natural teeth, to minimally-invasive teeth straightening techniques — you don’t have to sacrifice appearance for health.

Don’t settle for anything less than high-tech

In today’s high-tech world, there’s simply no reason to rely on a dentist who uses antiquated, painful treatments.

At Green Dentistry, we’re proud to offer our patients the latest dental technology. From CEREC same-day crowns and mercury-free composite fillings to laser gum disease and gum disease treatments, our high-tech dental restoration treatments are the best in San Francisco.

Have questions? Give us a call at (415) 433-0119 to learn more about the high-tech tools and techniques used in our office. We’d love to help.