Meditation Is The New Gym

We are a society of perfectionists and are increasingly obsessed with productivity and efficiency. We buy new phones, new computers, and every other gadget under the sun in an effort to get more done. But the only thing we’re getting is more exhausted and more stressed. In today’s article we’ll talk more about the causes… [Read the full article]

5 Ways Our Dentist Office is Like a Spa

When you visit the dentist does it feel like a trip to a luxury spa? At Green Dentistry in Union Square, we’ve thoughtfully designed our office to look and feel more like a relaxing oasis than just another dentist’s office. Our patients love it! Before their first visits, many of our patients suffered from severe dental… [Read the full article]

How to Take a Proactive Approach to Your Dental Health (and Live Longer)

San Francisco is praised as the healthiest city in America. Here in the Bay Area, we boast ample sources of fresh produce, lots of open spaces and parks for outdoor activities, and high bike and walk scores. But for those looking to lead a long and healthy life, it’s not enough to eat well and exercise… [Read the full article]