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Nammy Patel, DDS is a holistic dentist who is passionate about serving her patients’ health while running her dental practice in an environmentally-conscious way.

Dr. Nammy was instilled with the values of conserving, recycling, and respecting the environment as a child. She was born in India and moved to the U.S. with her family at the age of five, and has maintained those values since.

Dr. Nammy put herself first through college then through dental school at University of Southern California’s School of Dentistry. After graduating with honors, she was offered several positions as a “drill and fill” dentist at various practices. She turned them down and decided to bring her vision to life of having a practice that provided outstanding patient care while being mindful of environmental impact.

Green Dentistry was founded in 2005, the first dental practice of its kind in San Francisco. Not only are the techniques and materials used in dental care services safe, but the building materials and furnishings were chosen with care, too. The LEED-certified office is composed of recycled contents and the furniture is free of harmful chemicals. It has energy efficient lighting systems, uses glass rather than disposable cups, and is working towards going paperless. These are just a few of the ways Green Dentistry is green.

Dr. Nammy is growing a non-profit to bring greener dentistry to India. She is also the ForbesBooks author of the book on dental care from a holistic point of view, Age With Style. Learn more about the book and download a chapter by following the link below.

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Green Dentistry

At Green Dentistry, in San Francisco’s Union Square, Dr. Nammy and her team provide their patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services to address oral and overall health. Three things set Green Dentistry apart from other practices to create an experience that goes above and beyond: a holistic approach; high-tech equipment; and spa-like amenities.


A Unique Approach

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry

Involves looking at the health of the patient as a whole person, rather than looking at the mouth in isolation. It’s about looking beyond the surface to understand the root causes of the problem and address those, rather than just address symptoms as they arise.

High-Tech Dentistry

High-Tech Dentistry

Green Dentistry offers the latest in dental care, such as technology that allows for making and placing crowns in minutes; treating gum disease without painful surgery; treating cavities without mercury fillings; and safe removal protocols for mercury fillings.

Spa-Like Ammenities

Spa-Like Ammenities

Includes aromatherapy, heated massage tables, warm blankets, warm and cold neck wraps, herbal shoulder wraps, warm cloth face towels, essential oils, crystal healing, organic teas, salt lamps, and iPods with noise-cancelling headphones during treatment, all in an office decorated according to feng shui principles. Together, they add up to create a day at the dentist that feels more like a day at the spa.

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